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7 Steps to Turn on Priority Inbox in Gmail

Gmail is a great email service, but its inbox can get cluttered. It’s not uncommon for Gmail users to have hundreds of emails in their inboxes at one time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just filter out the messages that don’t need your attention? One way to do this is with Priority Inbox! Using Priority Inbox will allow you to focus on your most important messages first, and clear away all other distractions. Keep reading for instructions on how to turn on Priority Inbox in Gmail!

Priority Inbox in Gmail

7 Steps to Turn on Priority Inbox in Gmail

Step One: Select the “Gear” icon in your Gmail and go to Settings.

*Tip! – You can also access this menu by clicking on the settings wheel at the top of the Gmail page.*

Step Two: Click “Inbox”, then select Priority Inbox from the drop-down list.

*Tip! – You can also turn off Priority Inbox by clicking the “Allow only important messages” option. Just make sure you know what you’re doing, as this will filter out all of your emails.*

Step Three: Click Save Changes to confirm your settings changes and close the window. Now Gmail should be displaying a message that says “You’re all set to use Priority Inbox!”

Step Four: You may need to wait for Gmail’s servers to update. This process varies depending on how many emails you have in your inbox, but it should not take more than a few minutes at most. After that time has passed, check your new message count by clicking the “Menu” button in Gmail. You should now see a message that reads, “You have x new messages” followed by the number of unread emails you currently have!

Step Five: To enable Priority Inbox on your mobile device, open up your Google Settings app and select Gmail. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the Priority Inbox option. Click on that, and select “Yes” then save your changes!

Step Six: Now when you open up Gmail on a mobile device or desktop browser, it should automatically display messages from emails graded with priority at the top of your inbox. If not, just tap until those messages are displayed first. There are a few other settings you can tinker with, but this should be enough for most people!

Step Seven: If your Priority Inbox is not working properly or displaying the wrong messages, don’t worry. You just need to clear out some of those old emails in your inbox (remember that it’s okay if they’re unimportant!), and try again.